• Debt Securities - ITI Gilts

    Investment solutions under one roof

    We at ITI GILTS provide a 360-degree solution for our client’s needs and requirements. Be it an investment based requirement or requirements generated due to the financial crisis, we provide solutions for your every need under one single roof. With the use of sophisticated and advanced tools,  we provide complete fixed income soultions for our client’s needs.

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  • Growth Opportunities Fund

    Empowering entrepreneurs

     We believe that Indian startups backed by quality entrepreneurs have the power to create valuable businesses that compete on a global scale. That is why we set out to create ITI Growth Opportunities Category I. With a mission statement to identify and invest early in world-class founders attacking both Indian & Global markets; solving real problems using technology.

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  • The ITI Long-Short Equity Fund

    Laser focused

    ITI long short equity fund is a hedge fund that focuses on long term capital appreciation. The fund aims to outperform the Nifty index over a full equity market cycle while protecting downside during equity market downturns along the way; thus lowering volatility of performance & lowering risks.

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